Get Free Room In Roof Insulation

Find out today if you qualify to have your room in roof insulated, absolutely free under the government’s ECO scheme.

Why insulate your room in roof?

If you have a room in roof, then this can be a great space that adds value to your home. Either as an extra bedroom, study or just a storage space, a room in roof can be extremely useful. However, by being so close to an uninsulated roof, it can be difficult to keep a room like this at a comfortable temperature. This can lead to the room in roof going to waste. If you do decide to use it, your fuel usage may rise above what you can afford.

Proper insulation can make all the difference. It is estimated that up to a quarter of the heat that leaves your house escapes through the roof. Adding insulation helps to trap that heat in and keeps the interior warm in winter, and during the summer, it will also the stop the sauna like effect of the suns rays hitting the roof and heating up the room below.

Rather than paying for heat that doesn’t stick around, room in roof insulation can reduce the rate at which heat escapes by up to 90%. During the summer, it will also the stop the sauna like effect of the suns rays hitting the roof and heating up the room below. Total annual savings may be up to £220, not to mention the value added to your house of having an extra, usable room.

Why is it free?

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme uses government funding to make a number of improvements to the homes of those who qualify. These are aimed at helping people to reduce their energy consumption, which has the dual benefit of reducing carbon emissions and making home heating more affordable.

Under this scheme, you may be able to have room in roof insulation installed. This will help to regulate the temperature of your home and cut hundreds of pounds off your annual fuel bill, leaving you with more cash to spend on other essentials.

What Is a Room In Roof

A room in roof is a room that exists directly below the roof of your house. This may be as part of the original house design with a fixed staircase or a loft conversion created by you, your landlord or a previous occupier. You will recognise it as being a typical room, but with visible sloping ceilings.

In older properties, particularly from the Victorian period, it was common to install a room in roof, without any roof insulation. Instead, the insulation would only be in the floors. While this would provide some protection from the elements, it has left many homeowners and renters with a house that gets too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

The UK has some of the oldest properties in Europe, which were built before energy efficiency regulations. This means that your home could be ill-equipped to deal temperature changes. However, many people cannot afford the upfront cost of having the newest materials installed. This is where the ECO scheme grant can help, by covering the cost of room in roof insulation and giving it away absolutely free.

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